Eris to embark on African Real Estate Fund

05 Sep 2014

Warren Schultze, CEO of Eris Property Group (Pty) Ltd, recently appeared on CNBC Africa discussing the opportunities available to investors in Africa and Eris involvement with Momentum in launching an African Real Estate Fund focused on Sub-Saharan Africa.

According to Warren “Many African economies are growing at a rapid rate with GDP growth of approximately 7% per annum in certain African economies. Any dramatic change to the landscape creates investment opportunities. There is currently a shortage of office and retail space in many African countries, people are seeing this and are investing.” These countries may offer investors potential returns in excess of what is currently achievable locally in South Africa. The South African IPD Index reflects average total returns from property of roughly 17.5%, but this may be difficult to sustain and thus investing in Africa may be a more viable option.

Eris is currently involved with the launch of an African Real Estate Fund in collaboration with Momentum Global Investment Managers, a fellow subsidiary in the MMI Group. In order to mitigate any risks associated with investing in Africa, Eris capitalises on utilizing its relationships with established local partners who have a solid track record. Eris constrains itself to operating in regions that are less risky and where its networks are well established. Countries that are currently favourable include Botswana,Ghana and Rwanda.

According to Warren “Africans are passionate about improving themselves and their communities”. Foreign investors are welcomed and seen as a way to boost local African economies.

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Source: Eris Property Group (Pty) Ltd
Author: Ari Ben