Specialist Retail Services

The Eris retail division understands that retail fundamentals are dynamic and constantly changing. It is vital to keep up to date with shifting demographic profiles and the evolution customers buying behaviour. Our professional team of retail consultants focuses on unlocking the potential of neighbourhood, community, specialist and regional centres .Our retail division has access to unrivalled intellectual capital within the Eris Group and constantly taps into the vast resources at its disposal. Eris seeks to maximise the objectives of the investor and retailer by creating a vibrant retail experience for customers with an innovative tenant mix.

Our track record speaks for itself. Our specialist retail services division has been entrusted with advising listed funds, corporates and established retailers throughout South Africa.

Our core capabilities include:

  • Retail leasing
  • Advising on retail design and tenant mix for new and existing developments
  • Refurbishment and redevelopment of existing retail developments
  • Consulting services to retailers and investors
  • Identification of new retail developments
  • Leasing of new retail developments
  • Retail feasibility studies regarding property design, income and rental level projections, advisory on proper merchandise and tenant mix
  • Tenant Representation – strategic advice for retailers with their expansion
  • Retail Market Analysis
    • Market Development Planning
    • Demographic Studies
    • Retail Competitive Market Analysis
    • Footcount Analysis
    • Retail Site Selection
  • Lease and Contract Negotiations
  • Strategic Planning
  • Budgeting and Financial Modelling
  • Tenant Improvements
  • Project Marketing